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Cars and Coffee Treasure Island , San Francisco CA


With so many events around the corner like Formula Drift Long Beach and D1 Street Legal USA we found time to squeeze in a lil Cars and Coffee at Treasure Island San Francisco. Now let me explain this … Cali one doesent just Go to a car meet ……..going to cars and coffee is a” happening”. We started our voyage to Frisco at 5:30 am like true car lifestyle guys, everyone washed and waxed the day before , we met up in modesto with a R35 GTR, Nismo 370 z, Pontiac G8 and us in a not so JDM BMW 6 (our R35 GTR is a work in progress) from here we hit the freeway at a 100 plus miles an hour with the California sunrise. Ater about half an hour we arrived in Pleasonton where we met up with a a group of 20 more cars, few more GTRs, Dodge Vipers, Mustangs, NSX, Corvettes, M5 bmw…….. Maseratis etc. After about 45 min of co-ordinating and even more cars coming we were back on the highway 30 cars deep rumbling down the highway to Sanfrancisco with cars here and there joining the procession. Tool booth was a bitch and we all got seperated a lil but arrivived at the Treasure Island exit together. After paying a very affordable $10 to park we participated in what can only be described as an Orgy of Awesomeness, atleast 300 cars in attendance of all makes and models from Bentleys, Laborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, Beemers, Benzes……..everything! Frisco throws down one hell of a cars and coffee.

Cars and cofee 2016 mclaren p1 white Cars and cofee 2016 mustang line up Cars and cofee 2016 palm and bridge Cars and cofee 2016 porsche blue Cars and cofee 2016 rx 7s Cars and cofee 2016 s2000 Cars and cofee 2016 white lambo Cars and Cofee SF 2016 68 camaro Cars and Cofee SF 2016 370 z Cars and Cofee SF 2016 blue ferarri