Cars and cofee 2016 gtr svd decal

Cars and Coffee San Francisco

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Cars and Coffee Treasure Island , San Francisco CA


With so many events around the corner like Formula Drift Long Beach and D1 Street Legal USA we found time to squeeze in a lil Cars and Coffee at Treasure Island San Francisco. Now let me explain this … Cali one doesent just Go to a car meet ……..going to cars and coffee is a” happening”. W



Tokyo Fresh Meet 2016

June 21st, 2015 / admin / 0 comments

While Tokyo Auto Salon might feature the best cars around Japan we were excited and interested to see what the street scene entailed. After only around two weeks of planning we partnered with Hardcore Tokyo and All That Low Japan to host the Tokyo Fresh Car Meet held in Decks Tokyo Beach in the Odaiba area.



Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

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We hear there are also customized cars at the event, but somehow our eyes were drawn elsewhere.

The Tokyo area actually has two major car industry events each year. But while the first, the Tokyo Motor Show, is conveniently located at Tokyo Big Sight, the other, the Tokyo Auto Salon, actually takes place at the Makuhari Messe convention



Formula Drift Long 2015 :Review

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The former Scion brand and Ken Gushi has taken to the Internet and announced that they will be racing in 2016. It will be interesting to see if this corporate restructure takes a hit on budget and limits the programs of Aasbo or Gushi. Ken Gushi did confirm that he will still receive support for Formula Drift in 2016 with his Tweet p



Boso Culture: A History Lesson

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As Wikipeda describes the word Bosozoku:
B?s?zoku (???, “violent running gang”) is a Japanese subculture associated with motorcycle clubs and gangs.
So, Bosozoku style cars should best be described as the cars driven by the Japanese gangs. This is partly true of course, but a lot of people actually